Inflatable SUP 10’0 Olympique de Marseille | package


The Olympique de Marseille 10.0 inflatable paddle board is a high-performance and versatile SUP for all levels. In the colors of the emblematic Marseille football club, this collector’s SUP is an officially licensed product and is sold as a full package with all the accessories.

The inflatable SUP OM 10’0 is intended for all sizes (recommended up to 85kg, maximum 110kg). Ideal for those who want a light, versatile and high-performance stand-up paddle. It delights all those who want a good inexpensive paddle board bearing the image of the best French football club. It is the ideal board for outings with friends in the creeks or for chilling on the water. Its width is comfortable, it offers you great stability and a superb glide.


SUP 10 Olympique de Marseille full package

The complete SUP pack includes a 10′ Olympique de Marseille stand up paddle, an OM paddle, an OM pump, a leash, a fin (daggerboard). This OM inflatable paddleboard package is delivered in a carrying bag in the colors of the Marseille club. User manual and repair kit are provided.

HANA 10’ Olympique de Marseille shaper’s words

We designed the OM inflatable SUP in collaboration with the Olympique de Marseille teams to provide users with a magnificent versatile board sold equipped with quality accessories. A super complete paddle board package that every OM fan must have. The board is recommended for all beginner and intermediate riders.

It is a very good paddle to discover SUP and show your attachment to the mythical Marseille football club. This paddle will display the colors of OM all over the world. This board will delight children and adults alike to discover the joys of nautical activities.

To complete your range, it is possible to add a kayak seat and a paddle extension to transform your paddle into a kayak as well as a transport trolley to reach the beach.

Board produced in HANA Outdoors Paddleboards factories

HANA Outdoors inflatable boards are among the best-selling in Europe for one simple reason: they are the ideal boards for all families!

The Olympique de Marseille inflatable SUPs have the same ULTRA-STITCH construction as the HANA boards, which combines rigidity and solidity. The additional carrying handle and stylish accessories provide additional comfort. We have also added rings to fix a kayak seat and multiply the possibilities. In 2022, we optimized the details and created an ultra-trendy design. A premium inflatable paddle pack at a super accessible price!

Construction & materials of the OM SUP range

The inflatable OM stand up paddle has the most advanced construction on SUP HANA boards. The most high-end PVC on the market is associated with very high density ULTRA-STITCH drop stitch (heart of the board made up of thousands of clusters of nylon threads), in order to offer perfect rigidity. Rails (sides) are double layer pvc for durability. The weight is one of the lightest on the market: carrying your board is no longer a chore. Thus the practice is safe and comfortable, and the glide is optimal for a good rowing speed.

Olympique de Marseille accessories quality

The accessories are carefully designed to provide performance and longevity. Where many brands neglect them to lower the costs, HANA does not compromise.
The paddle is made of high-end 3-piece aluminum with anti-twist rail and adjustment indicator. It has a thin profile blade for better rowing speed.
We made the choice to put a US box and a US fin to have the best possible support and an easy glide in all conditions. Most of the boards at this price level have low cost push-pin fins.
We provide a high quality coiled leash whch is adapted to the board. It minimizes drag in the water and ensures high safety.
The board has 2 carrying handles. A classic central and an additional one at the rear. They are made of nylon with a neoprene cover for more comfort and a rubber reinforcement for more solidity.
The deckpad (non-slip foam) is made of 4 mm EVA with a diamond pattern for high grip and comfort.
We have integrated 4 D-rings to be able to attach a kayak seat (optional) and offer great versatility to our SUP boards.
The integrated bungee cord on the deck allows you to transport equipment during rides.


What's in the box


• HANA 10’0 Olympique de Marseille inflatable paddle board
• Floating aluminum paddle, with anti-twist, 3 parts 170cm – 210cm, OM design
• SUP HANA black safety coiled leash 10 feet
• US HANA center fin with tool-free screw (screw delivered in the repair kit)
• Olympique de Marseille double action pump with integrated pressure gauge
• OM Premium blue backpack 90cm x 45cm x 30cm
• HANA repair kit with PVC patches and wrench for SUP valve
• User guide

Technical specifications


• Length : 10’0 > 305 cm
• Width : 31’’ > 79 cm
• Thickness : 5’’ > 13 cm
• Volume : 240 litres
• Indicative weight : 7,2 kg
• Fin : single US
• Rings for kayak seat: 4 D-rings to be able to fix a kayak seat (seat is optional)
• Handles: 2 comfortable handles with neoprene cover and rubber reinforcement.
• Deckpad: 4mm EVA with double diamond pattern for high grip and comfort.
• Bungee cord at the front of the board to secure your equipment during navigation.
• Rocker (vertical curve of the board): constant with a slightly raised nose for a perfect glide
• Recommended inflation pressure : 15 to 18 psi.

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